Hospital di Langkat, North Sumatera


General Hospital Tanjung Keliling

Jl. Tanjung Keliling

Kab. Langkat

North Sumatera


RS Insani Stabat

Jl. Perniagaan No. 36



North Sumatera

Phone 061 – 8510833

Fax 061 – 8510833


General Hospital PTPN II Tanjung Selamat

Jl. Batang Serangan

Padang Tualang


North Sumatera

Telp. 6623556


Hospital Pertamina UP-1 Pangkalan Branand

Jl. Dr. Wahidin No. 1

Pangkalan Branand

North Sumatera

Telp. 0620 20140


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