How To Set Your Digital To Find TVRI NASIONAL Broadcasts

The first step you have to do is:


  • Press the “Menu” button on your Digital.
  • Then select “Create Channel”.
  • Confirm by pressing the OK button.
  • Select “Palapa C2 Satellite”.
  • Next, select “TP Frequency”
  • Enter “03763”
  • Move the cursor to “Value Symbol” by pressing the button down, and enter “03500”.
  • Continue to “Polarity”, select “H”
  • Then the last step is to go to “Search” then select “free” and press the OK button.


Well, TVRI NASIONAL that you are looking for has been found.

Restore Full screen by pressing the “Menu” button

Enjoy TVRI NASIONAL Broadcast again.

(Note: If you followed the instructions above correctly, you will find the broadcast you are looking for. If you you are not succeeded, try doing it again with a little improvise).

You can also do the above procedure by your Remote Control.

If you also are not succeed, try commenting in the comments column of this article for further response, or maybe other readers can provide their own experiences.


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