How to Get Free Electricity Tokens from PLN for 450 VA


The impact of the Corona Virus pandemic (COVID-19) was felt by the community. Therefore, the government is trying to help the community to get various relief.


Through PLN (Indonesia Electricity Company), Indonesia Government is providing assistance to electricity users with 450 VA power in the form of free electricity for the next 3 months starting from April, May and June 2020.


Well, for those of you who are still using electricity with 450 VA power, are entitled to get free electricity by contacting PLN through the website which its appearance is as shown at image below.



All you have to do is enter your 12-digit Customer ID into the field provided as shown above. Then press Cari (Search). Wait a few moments, then the token code will be displayed in the Keterangan (Remarks) column at the bottom as in the image below.



Well, you must enter this code into your prepaid electricity meter to get the free electricity tokens given by the government in connection with the Corona Virus pandemic (COVID-19).


Such is the illustration that we can provide, hopefully you get the free electricity rations that have been provided by the government.



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