1. For participants of the Contribution Beneficiary (PBI) Health Insurance dues are paid by the Government.

2. Dues for Wage Recipient Workers who work in Government Institutions consist of Civil Servants, members of the Indonesian National Army (TNI), members of the National Police, state officials, and non-civil servants of government employees in the amount of 5% (five percent) per month: 3% (three percent) paid by the employer and 2% (two percent) paid by the participants.

3. Dues for Wage Recipient Workers who work in State Owned Enterprises (BUMN), Regional Owned Enterprises (BUMD) and Private Sector Workeris 5% (five percent) of Salary or Wages per month provided that: 4% (four percent) is paid by the Employer and 1% (one percent) is paid by the Participant .

4. Family dues for additional Wage Recipient Workers consisting of 4th child and so on, father, mother and father-in-law, contributions amounting to 1% (one percent) of salary or wages per person per month, paid by wage-receiving workers.

5. Dues to other relatives of workers receiving wages (such as siblings / in-laws, household assistants, etc.); the participants of workers who are not wage earners and contributions of participants not workers are equal to:

a. Rp. 25,500 (twenty five thousand five hundred rupiah) per person per month with the benefits of service in the Class III treatment room.
b. Rp. 51,000 (fifty one thousand rupiah) per person per month with the benefits of service in the Class II treatment room.
c. Rp. 80,000 (eighty thousand rupiahs) per person per month with the benefits of service in the Class I treatment room.

6. Health Insurance dues for Veterans, Independence Pioneer, and widows, widowers, or orphans from Veterans or Pioneers of Independence, their contributions are set at 5% (five percent) of 45% (forty five percent) of basic salary of Civil Servants III / a with a work period of 14 (fourteen) years per month, paid by the Government.

7. Payment of dues no later than 10 (ten) every month

There is no late payment penalty for dues starting July 1, 2016 penalties are imposed if within 45 (forty five) days after the participation status is reactivated, the participant receives inpatient health services, then is subject to a fine of 2.5% of the service fee health for each month in arrears, provided that:

1. The number of months in arrears is at most 12 (twelve) months.
2. The maximum fine is Rp. 30,000,000 (thirty million rupiah).


Source: BPJS Brochure


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