Benefits of BPJS

The benefits of the National Health Insurance (JKN) BPJS include:


A. First-level health services, namely non-specialist health services include:

1. Administration of service
2. Promotive and preventive services
3. Medical examination, treatment and consultation
4. Non-specialist medical actions, both operative and non-operative
5. Medical services and consumables
6. Blood transfusion according to medical needs
7. Investigation of first-degree laboratory diagnosis
8. First level hospitalization as indicated

B. Advanced referral health services, namely health services include:

1. Outpatient, including:

a) Administration of services
b) Examination, treatment and specialist consultation by specialist doctors and sub-specialists
c) Specialistic medical measures in accorandce with medical indications
d) Disposable medical services and medical materials
e) implant medical equipment services
f) Advanced diagnostic support services in accorandce with medical indications
g) Medical rehabilitation
h) Blood services
i) Forensic medicine services
j) mortuary services in health facilities

2. Hospitalization which includes:

a) Non intensive hospitalization
b) Intensive inpatient care
c) Other health services stipulated by the Minister

Source: BPJS Brochure


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