This website primarily is intended  as an information provider for indonesians who live abroad, who in need information of everything regarding indonesia at the current situation, especially about addresses, or anything about indonesia, and also for foreigners, who live in indonesia which they may need information regarding indonesia but  due to lack of information online in english, or their lack of indonesian, they may arrive to this website.

addressindonesia.infoalamat.com is a website that provides you useful and necessary information.

This website also contains various addresses in Indonesia which we consider to be able to make it easier for you in everyday life.

We try to help you to get the information you need, such as information about BPJS (health insurance), its benefits, how to become a member and also the fees that you must pay.

In principle, we make this website so that you get helped, for example by including the address and number of the police station, so that you can contact the nearest police station at any time if you need police assistance.

Even if you are in an unhealthy condition, you can go to the hospital or pharmacy closest to the places you are.

Or if you are traveling to cities in Indonesia, you might first set foot in the city, you may need to take money at an ATM, you can go to the bank address you are looking for.

Also if you, for example, need cash fast and confused to get it, maybe the address of the pawnshop on this website can be a reference to go to the pawnshop closest to your location.

We try to help you find addresses in all cities in Indonesia.

We have added a variety info of ASEAN countries, namely Malaysia and Singapore to help Indonesians who need information and addresses in both countries.

We have also added various information and addresses in Australia, as many Indonesian visit Australia, both as tourists and students who will continue their studies in Australia.

Our goal is to make it easier for you to find the address you are looking for quickly and accurately!

Our hope you can be helped by the information contained in this website.

Hopefully the address data contained in this website is useful for you.

Thank you.

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